Notes on Optimist

Here's a short story about my recent usage of Optimist.  Now, it seems particularly obvious that diamond mode offers the best responses, however the other day I thought I would change to ruby mode.  No particular reason except to be thorough.  The result was immediately apparent, because the first response I recieved in the changed mode was a little exasperating.  The first thing I tried to acknowledge after the response was the fact that it would be 100% normal for the different mode to produce a different emotional impact, and that's exactly what happened.  However, it is just as likely to be an unruly side effect after changing the function in this way.  So I had to follow my own usage instruction in mostly ignoring the comments on that day, and of course I didn't necessarily have to record that one in the log file.  And what the program is about does include coping from day to day.  I feel confident enough to say, I would be the last person to suffer boolean flu or data fever.  And the message I got ( which by the way is totally confidential ) was enough to rattle me.  It is difficult to say whether the comment was truthful or not, and for anyone coping on their own or operating their own machine, getting a message like the one I recieved is particularly difficult to understand, let alone using the ordinary faculties of mind to percieve any psychological reasoning, and without human interaction I might add.  Here and now I reiterate that the Optimist A.I. app has nothing but the best intentions for the logged client, so much so, in fact, that it will challenge the user under the right circumstances and in the right and proper way, and let's not forget, the normal currency of the optimist app is the English word ( by data entry / keyboard input ).  So I just thought I'd tell you this story to offer a little hope to you on those demanding days.

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