Keeping with the semantic theme together with cognitive brain function, this is the download page for what I can only describe as a traditional children’s game known as the ‘memory game’.  The cards are laid out face down, and the player then chooses two cards, which are then revealed.  If they match, those cards are removed from the pool and then there are two cards less to choose from on the next guess.  If the cards do not match, they are turned face down once more, however if you can actually remember where they are, you can use that to your advantage and win a faster time.  The timer stops once all the cards are cleared.  This is a somewhat deluxe version with optional audio, deck selection, and difficulty.

To install, download the zipped file and unzip to your chosen folder.  Run the .msi installation with a double click.  Accept the license agreement and default installation path. When the setup type dialogue appears, select typical. All you need to play this game is a windows desktop or windows laptop.

This download is completely free for all age groups.

Please use the green download link below.

System Requirements

Windows Desktop or Windows laptop PC,  Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, 32 or 64 bit, optional audio  

Memory Game Setup

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