It was difficult to come up with any particularly optimistic word beginning with x, however I have located a noun, with a more neutral aspect as with virtually all nouns.  I’m sure you will agree that optimism occurs with other types of words and that a noun in it’s truest essence is quite neutral.  So it appears that this word is a geological term, although it may be difficult to use in an acceptable context.  I can hardly even think of this word used in fiction, let alone science fiction and movies, however both words above are well suited to become movie subjects.

Many of us have firm images of ‘rock’ when that word is used.  Magma also brings forth images of lava flows and volcanoes.  Moreover there is such a concept as ‘original magma’ believed to be molten rock which existed as the primordial formation from under the Earth.

Xenolith and xenocryst are also forms of igneous rock however they are not composed of the original magma, more-so they are composed of rock from elsewhere such as the surrounding country rock.

There is no doubt that this is a fascinating subject.

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