An extremely optimistic perspective can occur in relation to understanding the meaning and phonetics of this word, particularly with the past participles.  Of course the word ‘wear’ is fundamental and gives rise to fashoin, hats, embroidery, footwear, uniforms, and textiles.  The fact that phonetically speaking these words are diverse, it is nevertheless interesting that the normal form of the word ‘wear’ provides the ideal scope, becoming identical in sound to the question , ‘where?.

Apart from the foregoing, to wear is to have on the body or part of the body, clothing or apparel or garments et cetera.  The clothing can be for protection or decoration.  Also you could wear an expression.  There is also wear as in wear and tear, i.e. a tyre can wear out or wear down.  Another meaning applied to soporific or other drug use happens when the effect wears off.  Yet another use of one of the past participles features ‘wore’ as in the day wore on.

To wear is to be dressed in, be clothed in, clothe oneself in, have on or to erode, corrode, abrade, wash away, rub away, grind away, wear down, become worn, wear thin, become threadbare.

Additionally there is a pre-fix and post-fix in the words, warehouse , hardware , software.

Also with an added ‘y’, you or someone or anyone could become ‘wary’ meaning habitually on the look out, circumspect, cautious.

And of course you can wear cologne, aftershave or perfume, and when you accessorise, that’s wearing too.

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