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Researching this word has proved difficult, particularly because there doesn’t seem to be a Latin translation at the ready, however it has been noticed from other sources.

Firstly, we can note the root of the word as being : troll. It is believed by some to have supernatural connotations which range from gnomes to decorative solid casts that builders have used for centuries to line the horizontal layers of ornate buildings. There is a single word for this which currently escapes me but I’m sure you get the picture. A troll can be a sort of giant or a dwarf, normally residing in a hill or cave. From folklore trolls are generally assumed to be ugly. The same word is also a verb meaning ; to move circularly; to sing the orchestrated parts in succession or sing something in a happy or carefree way; to walk or stroll.

Understanding the root is essential to our knowledge of the current word ; trolley. It is suggested that the aspects of trolls can still be applicable to trolleys and may govern the attitudes we have when using them. Of course perhaps the first thing we think of in relation to this word is a costermonger’s cart or maybe some of you remember trolley buses. Here we have some interesting representations for this word.

Supermarket trollies Troll figurine