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This word means to talk persuasively and glibly. It appears to be derived from the German where this word denotes game or play. It also means eloquent talk, a long story or sales talk.

As somebody who is pleased with their name, it’s interesting to note that this is a particularly fascinating prefix for Hollywood magnate, Steven Spielberg. Although most references in English only give brief descriptions, this would certainly give Mr. Spielberg an excellent advantage and I must say, I was very pleased with Men in Black III in which he was executive producer.

Though I digress slightly, the 3D in that film was so good, it was just as effective as James Cameron’s Avatar if not more so, and both those films really do explore one of the first cornerstones of filming ( i.e. to capture the spectacular ).

As an example, the occupations where the spiel is most prevalent would be (i) telephone sales (ii) market research ( iii ) more infamously door to door sales. Another explanation of this word is : sales patter.

Of-course many of these techniques, which were widespread in the mid twentieth century have been largely superceded by online market research forms and in some cases online sales can be achieved from advertising alone.

Some of you may remember different techniques for dealing with unwanted calls like this, such as leaving the phone off the hook, or having your number listed as x-directory.

For a small minority of sales staff, larger commissions could be earned by using the correct spiel which they could have practiced and learnt thoroughly and modifying their tone for each individual prospective customer. Sometimes this meant increased comfort in the work place, although not everyone had cordless phones, as shown in the other photo below.

perhaps deluxe spieler's environment traditional spieler's environment popular among eighties telephone sales teams