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A smile is largely a facial expression which can imply amusement, favour, pleasure or even slight contempt. It is revealed by a slight drawing up of the corners of the lips. Predominantly a joyous look, it is also known to be a favourable disposition. A smile can be an indication of this or as a noun, simply the act of smiling, however, the person with the biggest smile is not necessarily the happiest. Additionally, smiles can be interpreted in the most unexpected ways. For example if you had a pay rise, perhaps you could afford to smile, but you still might not actually like your job. Or say you worked at a job and you were able to double the efficiency of your work procedures, meaning you could do the same amount of work in half the time. You might smile at your own ingenuity, however your pay still might not reflect your efforts. Also sometimes you may be so happy, the tears start to run, a bit of a paradox to say the least.

Among all the different contradictory views and interpretations of this sometimes enigmatic enhancement of one’s features, there exists what could be considered a perfect snapshot securely in place, and perhaps one of the most recognized works of art. This being the highest accolade for any piece of art, it is not the first time we have mentioned the name. Can you guess? Of course. It’s our good friend, Leonardo DA Vinci.

Mona Lisa representation (French Art)