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The word research can be both a noun or a verb and it’s first meaning is defined as ‘careful search’ or ‘investigation’ but the main implication is one of a systematic investigation towards increasing the sum of knowledge. Other descriptions exist for this noun such as experiment, assessment, study, tests, and experimentation.

As a verb, to research is to make researches, do tests on, investigate, inquire into, look into, probe, explore, analyze, study, and examine. The most similar word to research, and possibly a related word is from the French and the singular, feminine case is ‘recherche’. Obviously the post-fix (‘cherche’) means to find, however the prefix ‘re’ could indicate that a devoted method is employed.

Researches nowadays are often conducted in an ontological way. Many experiments also include a digital or computed interface for either controlling proceedings or for presenting the results. It is also suggested that the multitude of experimentation must normally conform to an empirical model where the senses of the researcher and particularly any experiences are not neglected when applying a formulation, or for more detailed comprehension of the results.

There are different types of research each covering their own subject matter, however the first ones which come to mind are : scientific research and market research.

Perhaps one way of understanding or applying the best research method would be in order to obtain new empirical formulas specifically when trying to understand new compounds. Recent advances and proof of the above method can be found in a well run experiment which resulted in the formulation of a new substance called graphene and apparently a typical graphene has the chemical formula :

C{-6} 2H{-2}O

Although I digress, it is interesting to note that there is another very similar word to graphene and it is with fascination that I discovered the word ‘grapheme’.  We will explore both these words at another time.  For now we can be content knowing that we have enough information to conduct our own research.

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