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Here at the .org for Modern Semantic we have concentrated for so long doing research and discovering different definitions, with so many cross references that there has hardly been any time for proper original creative writing. Most of our efforts have been a kind of English comprehension exercise. So to start the year off well, I thought I would try to rely on my own imagination, and update all our visitors with my very own very unique point of view on a subject which is rather taboo, and though it may be taboo, that does not mean it will always remain so. It is with optimism in the future for us Earthlings that I write. So here goes. This month we will cover two words, and I suggest that they may be related.

It is interesting noticing that both these words can be used as prefixes with the more common ‘ - ation ’ ending as in station and many other words, denoting the noun. Perhaps there could even be new branches of science until our aim is achieved. They could be called replicatology and teleportology.

In real terms teleporting and replicating are certainly a bit taboo, although in terms of fiction there is plenty of fruitful subject matter both for creative writers and also for special effects in our favorite Science fiction shows. There have, however been two breakthroughs in recent times worthy of note. Although the details may remain obscure, to the avid researcher these scientific discoveries have found their way into just a couple of articles and perhaps the columnists who knew the details revealed these findings, playing down their importance. From my recollection, there has been a finding in the past ten years during an experiment at an Australian educational establishment that led to the element, known to us as rubidium, being actually successfully teleported in small quantities. Another separate experiment involved the teleporting of laser light, which I’m sure we can all envisage more easily.

Thinking on these premises two theories come more into focus. The first of these theories draws on discoveries over the past hundred and fifty years or so. Let’s first take the radio or radio waves. When this invention became more widely accepted, most people understood that it was most useful as a means of transmitting and receiving the radio signals or radio waves. In other words there were, as there are today, two opposite functions needed to exploit the medium to its fullest effect. The same is true of speakers and microphones. In order to exploit these devices more fully one needs to appreciate the two modes of operation, and again they appear to be two opposite functions.

So what is the significance when thinking of or trying to understand the machinery which may be necessary to enable the desired result? What I suggest is that the two specific phenomena, which are currently in the realm of myth, can be more easily understood by applying the same theory as we did with the other inventions and that teleporting and replicating are diametrically opposed to one another.

For example, say we did have machines able to replicate. Wouldn’t our ideal replicating device somehow obtain all the elements or ingredients before producing the perfected item into its output? And is the replicating not the by product of teleporting and combining the composition for the perfected output from independent sources where ever they may be?

On the other hand, if we think about teleporting, wouldn’t that function be naturally opposed to replication in its simplest form? Moreover if we are to pursue these ideas and make them a reality, there seems to be one all encompassing strategy for doing so. It should be possible to conduct more research if we keep in mind the two different perspectives as I have just explained, and perhaps measure results empirically from both viewpoints. Additionally, at the time of actual realization, this all encompassing strategy may form some sort of equilibrium, enabling the fundamental precepts of the replicating and teleporting to exist. (This is not existential philosophy, this is optimism. )

So what exactly is this strategy I hear you ask? Well, yet again we have the Star Trek script writing team to thank, for it was they who acknowledged Heisenberg and his uncertainty principle, and by measuring the furthest limits, one is more able to see Heisenberg’s theory in action and thus more able to design the central component of our ideal machine for use with both modes of operation.

So what are we really looking for? We are looking for the Heisenberg Compensator.

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