Here is another word with noun and adjective versions.  I am certainly in favour of optimistic adjectives so without any fuss quintessence (n.) Is the most perfect or typical example, a central intrinsic aspect of something, a refined essence or extract of a substance.

According to ancient philosophy, quintessence is a fifth substance in addition to the four elements, and was thought to compose the Heavenly bodies and to pervade all things.

The Latin root clearly demonstrates the makeup of this word, and also implies that perhaps in the past there were still highly educated people dealing with similar phenomena, however they were just using different terminology and perhaps slightly different vocabulary.

So, for information purposes :

Quinta : fifth

(Esse) : to be

Essentia : essence

Although you might think this unrelated, for those with more stamina I am going to point out one of my own best examples, and although this is a different playing field to classically trained musicians of yesteryear , the actual result of a good read and real actionable music/musicianship can be found using the ‘Dominion Earth’ link.

The other link will connect you to my live online audio player.

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