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Primordial is a very popular word among people with scientific inclinations. It possibly stems from the free love movement in the sixties where it wouldn’t be a miss to listen to Alexander Shulgin saying such and certainly, generally being a good proponent in the quasi-medical scenario of the time. Other progenitors may have been less thorough in their understanding, although it could be a familiar term to archaeologists and anyone involved with carbon dating. A central argument in favour of the term ‘primordial’ is that any substance with the correct attributes retains it’s uniqueness, such as DNA, and that even over time it can leave traces and be recognized.

As the prefix suggests, this stuff was the first stuff of it’s kind (on this planet) and additionally, it had just the right mixture of elements to bring about or enable life. Like the sudden arrival of the fittest specimen, from there it sprang to life only conforming to Darwin’s theory of evolution after the miracle of existence. As we all know, for humanity that included ‘self awareness’ and ‘consciousness’ at higher levels than other creatures.

In fact, the other creatures teach us and the birds tell us what we need to know, and our disposition improves, which leads to improved perceptions and cognitive skills. How else could the *unit of survival have achieved so much?

* unit of survival : assumed to be individual or community or species.

Dragonfly The stuff of life