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This is arguably one of the most misunderstood words in the English Language and there are surely millions of people living in complacency, not applying the implications of this word in their daily lives. In fact this word is so phenomenal that it can transform the ordinary into tenets of the force ( for Jedi ) or it can turn normal speech into two or threefold layers of meaning with every phrase. Culture and dialect are certainly major factors for employing good understanding, and perhaps even genuine whit. Additionally sound ethics and social distinction can be both preserved and achieved with a little intuitive thought.

On the other hand, enigmatic or forceful language can also be a result after careful study and analytic thinking. Are you still at a blank as to what this word could be? Quite simply, this word is ‘Phonetics’. To illustrate my point, here are a few examples :

Noble half……………….No bluff

Ghost rate……………….Go straight

A price……………………..ape rice     

pay for that……………..pave or the hat

Really nice table……..real in ice table

                       ……..real in eye stable

In the best examples of these techniques, at least two indistinguishable phrases with completely different meanings can be unified into a few spoken words.

Also by using real reactions one can interpret only the preferred sentiment in anything someone else says by comparing the different related phonetics.

It is suggested that the combined disciplines of epistemology and ethics can provide a useful arbitration for those at a cultural disadvantage or any other dialectic minority.

To bring us all up to date, however, there are modern tools which can offer ninety nine percent reliability in asserting what could be considered a perfect dialect. Text readers have been available for some time now, and although ISO 9000 standards dictate that there should be less than 0.0013 errors per million, no-one can dispute the advantages of clearly spoken English. In fact, these tools can be so accurate that they can even include their own accent(s).

So to summarize, there are electronic male and female, English and American audio characters with near perfect reading skills waiting to respond to a search, as well as audio characters in many other languages. To become more eloquent or improve one’s elocution it would be wise to consider these methods.

Phonetics example 001 Phonetics alphabet