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Perhaps the best performance is to perform a paradigm shift. Although it might be hotly contested we could say that Neil Armstrong performed this all along and had a special place in his inventory for these observations, but going into space is not the only way of performing a paradigm shift. We could say that the pinnacle of a good performance necessitates a shift in people’s thinking normally related in some way to space and time, however philosophically inclined mystics may have biases, for example Heraclitus the Ionian and many others from his time were literally unable to deny the transitory nature of time and thought that existence outside the whole temporal process was the norm.

Of-course most of us can remember the old axiom ‘Practice makes perfect’ and in many ways a perfect performance would include all of the above particularly as categorical conditions emphasizing the positive.

Conducting is also a way of thinking about performance. A computer performs, and a computer conducts. Mobile phones can perform well. So can vehicles. Maybe even an orchestral conductor is the one doing the performance where as the musicians are simply reading. To round things up I will just say that a performance in space could quite well be deemed as the ideal, and maybe it’s a good idea to leave this whole area open to ambiguity providing maximum catchments with each derivation.

Picture of male and female ballet dancers