I just had to tackle this word for modern-semantic because it’s really the foundation or guiding principle behind the research that goes on particularly at this site.  It’s mentioned on the xenolith and xenocryst page that nouns are not normally optimistic by themselves.  Please allow me to qualify that statement for you.  (You see) Take the word ‘happiness’.  Happiness is certainly a noun, but why can’t you say it’s an optimistic noun ?  Some of you must be thinking of-course it’s optimistic.

Let’s look at this word in the light of reverse psychology.  Quite simply if you are happy now, what does that imply ?  It implies that you will be sad at some point in the future.  The same reason goes for ‘sadness’ , but vice versa.

So in effect all positive and negative nouns can be thought of as a coin toss, and as such they do not promote optimism or pessimism on their own.

I have thought long and hard about this word and my own definition of optimism is to anticipate success or to prepare for success.  Any positive noun can be substituted with success for the same effect.

Additionally, to paraphrase the dictionary definition, the best multi-verse over all possible multi-verses would include optimism which would be shared with the subjects of that multi-verse.

Etymologically speaking, the root of this word comes from the Latin : Optimum, meaning very good, best, excellent.


Activities such as sport or games tend to nourish optimism and a balanced healthy out-look.

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