Although ‘normal’ is an adjective, it can be more easily understood by the related nouns in it’s prefix. Firstly, a norm is a pattern or an authoritative standard or the most frequent value or state. Norma, which is also a noun (Even though it’s a particularly nice female name) can be considered as a rule or model and is also a square for measuring right angles.

So, we come to the word ‘normal’ which can mean ; according to rule, or perpendicular or regular. Of course another common usage related to this word is ‘normalize’ which can mean ; to make normal or to become normal. In the early nineties ‘normalize’ was considered as the best way to structure a database. There are a plethora of other words which further describe ‘normal’ such as ;

Average, common, commonplace, conventional, customary, dominant, everyday, halfway, mean, median, mediocre, medium, middle-of-the-road, middle class, middling, midmost, moderate, predominant, run-of-the-mill, standard, stereotype, usual, balanced, down-to-earth, lucid, rational, realistic, reasonable, sane, sensible, sober minded, well balanced, consistent, efficient, harmonious. Et cetera

Just another non-traditional view of normality

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