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After much deliberation we have decided on this word not only because of business connotations but also because it is the main activity from small enterprises to large corporations. Additionally it is the activity itself which is the central focus of such industry and although it is often associated with profit ( normally depending on unit production cost and unit retail price ) , sometimes the size of the organization must be established first, and its place in the market will have proved itself.

According to Plato, proving there is a place for artistic representation is central to the success of many manufacturing strategies, however as Plato puts it himself, manufacturing comes second only to the “ideal form” and virtually all art stands alone at a further remove from reality, below the manufacturers.

So, as for the actual definition of the meaning, to manufacture is to make, produce, mass-produce, build, construct, assemble, put together, create, fabricate, process, mould, shape or forge. Its etymology stems from the Latin ; ‘manus’ meaning hand, and ‘facere’ meaning to make/create. With the prefix, ablative case is implied, thus to manufacture in its simplest form means to make by hand.

Furthermore, even if there exists a blueprint or perfect design which itself qualifies as an ideal form, it is suggested that in that circumstance there is still a reliance on the manufacturer, however there is a distinction to be made between manufacturing and publishing. Publishing can occur above or below the manufacturing process, for example Leonardo da Vinci’s helicopter illustration.

It is not for us to fully understand the differences between manufacturing and publishing. It is enough to know that our work is acknowledged and appreciated, in whatever field that may be.

We hope you like the pictures which show snapshots of some typical manufacturing subjects.

Inside a cotton mill ship builder's yard or metal works gears (often central components of manufacturing machinery) warehouse factory floor with machinery