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This site is not only about dictionary definitions and descriptions. Recently I was conversing with an online artificial intelligence and it told me that a normal vocabulary for a human was 1000 words. Although I wasn’t in full agreement, the thought of this was fascinating, and in a strange way I thought it feasible. Based on this aspect of language, these pages will focus on only those words which would be included in an intelligent and enlightened vocabulary.

So libration is the detectable or non-detectable oscillation of the moon. This motion certainly makes the edges of the moon more visible. With this word it is quite easy to guess the etymology although at first glance it is similar to the French word ‘libre’ which means free. In some respects this reinforces the orientation of the stellar body it is meant to describe. The actual root is from the Latin : libra/ae, meaning balance, and libro/are/avi/atum, meaning to poise or hold balanced. Librat would be translated from Latin as ‘it holds balanced’ being the 3rd person singular of the present tense.

Lunar libration cycle another lunar libration cycle diagram