Compiling entries under every letter and filling them in has proved tricky, particularly the last two letters which just happened to be ‘G’ and ‘J’.  So deciding which words are worthy of discussion took a while.  Although it might not be that relevant, when I was in my early years I was lucky enough to read a bit of the book of Job from the bible.  There is a lot of information there, enough to help anyone determine how they can become more useful, however I wanted to dig a little deeper on reasoning methods in relation to this word.

Firstly, the most substantial idea merges the perseverance needed with job/s and a simple application which gives an example of the hidden order contained in the English language.  So from my memory, the capital letter ‘A’ is represented by the ascii code 65 (decimal value of the byte).  For a three letter word you would have twenty four bits or three bytes.  If you compare the two simple words ‘hob’ and ‘job’ you can immediately notice the difference in the three byte (24 bit) value.  The way I see it, this implies that the job can include the hob, or that the hob is within the scope of the job, and you can start to think of more meaningful data with definite and specific value.

Additionally,  for some jobs one needs tools, and for some jobs a skill must be acquired.  In fact virtually all jobs involve accumulating resources, tools, skills, techniques, and gear and equipment in one way or another.  There seem to be two modes of employment which are also confirmed in the book of Job.  Working at home ( as on a farm or some other business types ) or to commute.  The act of commuting comes in many forms and can include migration in all its forms too.

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