My first explanation of this word was not listed as a meaning for inspiration, however I think it could be just as relevant. Theosophy, which means immediate divine inspiration or illumination is claimed by some, particularly in the age group between 18 years and 25 years. It is between these ages that some have visions which point the way forward to them. The subject is also said to have controlled natural forces. Of course another meaning for this word is breath, either inhalation or exhalation. It could also be considered as an infusion into the mind of encouraging positive influences. Additionally it is the component which animates the recipient with a feeling or a thought.

Inspiration is also, in my opinion, the state of being ready to create (a work of art). It is true, in England we sometimes have these things called spires which reach up to the sky from many Churches and some buildings and one would naturally think this word related. The prefix ‘in’ would only strengthen our case and we immediately think of people like Nostradamus who may or may not have used a library inside one of these spires, but was certainly an inspired individual.

Biblical revelation is yet another positive feeling that may accompany this word. Inspiration can be a cause or idea, an oracle or a prophecy.

Church spire

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