The first thing I noticed about this word was the soft ‘g ’ in the suffix.  Other words with a soft ‘g ’ tend to imply French origin and this word is no exception.  So garage is primarily an establishment for refuelling, repairing and selling automobiles.  Many households also feature a garage sometimes connected to the other main parts of the abode.  You could also be inclined to say “I’m going to garage the car” as this is both a noun and a verb.  The related French words are “gare” meaning (i) look out   ,(ii) train station  , and “garer” meaning to shelter.  Exploring further garage has come to be attributed to some forms of music, particularly unpolished and energetic Rock music, so called because as the name suggests loud music and band practise in the garage is the central feature.  Further a field it’s also a variety of House music, influenced by soul music.  You get the gist.  Check out these photos.


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