seven prospective executives

An executive is a person with senior managerial responsibility in a business organization. Of course there are a number of movies and films in which the antagonists evil plans included executions of innocent characters. This scenario can be found in James Bond, Batman, Star Trek et cetera. So, being condemned to death would also be execution. Moreover the heroes who are condemned usually find some way to escape, and execution is normally averted. Other deft escapes from execution also include Flash Gordon, Conan, and interestingly enough, the matrix trilogy.

Fashion has also been an important aspect of the executive lifestyle for some time now. This picture shows what could be some potential executives, although none of them are wearing hats, the dark suit has been the mainstay of the executive itinerary and of course, all with shiny black shoes.

The first notable attribute of this word is that it is obviously related to execute and execution. However, there is certainly more than one meaning so it could be more tactful to use this word more sparingly. As a computer enthusiast myself, I first came across this word while studying A level computer science. When compiling machine code, nowadays the resulting file is normally known as an executable file and it inherits the .exe filename extension, thus to execute is first and foremost a verb meaning to perform, to carry out or to put into effect.

Executive is the related adjective which implies the power or ability to carry out or execute plans , actions and laws.

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