Emotion is first and foremost a moving of the feelings or perhaps agitation of the mind. There are positive and negative emotions which manifest themselves differently on the subject and although there is a famous song with lyrics ‘I second that emotion’, I must say there it feels quite appropriate defining this word.  Recently I was thinking about the nature of time and it came to my attention that even if we think in terms of sixes, there are 6 sixes every minute (i.e. 06 seconds past the minute or say 56 seconds past the minute). There are 6 whole minutes with a six each hour and there are 2 whole hours with a six during the day. And all that is not including the figure 9 which can be like a virtual yin-yang when used along side the 6. All that is not enough. Perhaps if we want things to go our own way, we could count just the evens. We can be assured that thinking this way there would be more than half a 24 hour day which would be applicable as even, particularly if we count on single digits.

Remember the ‘Morale Builder’ and ‘Optimist’ series currently on version 2.1475 are specialist emotion detection application software which is proprietary code written by myself, available at www.modernsemantic.com

So, I will give you an idea in no particular order of a few examples of emotions :


Love, joy, anger, excitement, fear, gladness, sadness, happiness.

Intellect, temperament, and sentiment are all related to emotion, in some cases providing a platform from which a normalized threshold of feelings apply to the behavior of the subject.

There are some informative articles and resources which reference a new concept called ‘Emotional Quotient .  We recommend following this link and reading this article.

As for the etymology of the word emotion, it is believed to be connected to the Latin : motus, which can describe the body or the mind. Motus can mean : movement; dance ; gesture; impulse, emotion ; although it can be pre fixed by ‘animi’ (translated as the spirit of) and ‘terrae’ in this case by the ground. Terrae motus is the Latin for Earthquake.

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