This word could be regarded by many as one of the core strengths not only of Hollywood, but perhaps the English language as a whole. Because of it’s wide range of meaning it is almost ineffable, however, we will attempt to describe it here. Firstly, although it sounds virtually identical to another word ; (affect) ; it is a completely different word and it is suggested that life, in all it’s forms is effectual. The root of this word is derived from the Latin effectus/efficere which means to accomplish, thus virtually every form of life can be considered as having the desired effect or of being effective. Moreover, this word is often used in the plural and in such cases it can refer to sound effects, visual effects, and generally anything that supports productions of which ever type.

So, to summarize we’ll leave you with a taste of the variety of what this word can convey ;

Effective ; Successful, competent, productive, capable, able, efficient, useful, adequate, active

Effect ; result, outcome, consequence, upshot, impact, repercussion, influence, weight, power

traditional electric guitar sound effect (pedal)

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