At long last, I have enough free time to return to these definitions, having found the direction and significance that was there in the beginning.  I hope to really spell out the more appropriate and interesting examples for your information.  So, in its purest form, to disambiguate (v) is to remove ambiguity.  In English there is an abundance of material with more than one meaning, however in most cases one meaning is superior to the other meaning/s.  Other words may sometimes cause us to find our own context or even to doubt which of the definitions is really meant.

When I think of disambiguation one or two immediate suggestions come to mind.  “Memory” and “traffic”.  First we’ll tackle the first of these words.  It would appear that ‘memory’ is almost deliberate, additional or more certain than it’s use would suggest.  My recommendation is for IT staff / software engineers and computer operators in general to use this word with each other during working hours when they wish the word to be associated with computer memory.  Also the use of this word by any software engineering teams would or perhaps should be interpreted as colloquial.  On the other hand, when talking about memory, particularly from within the family, photos and nostalgia come to mind, and all sorts of past experiences can be refreshed, including short term or long term memories.  In the past, perhaps we would not have thought about a computer hard disk drive in this way.  The pictures below are for descriptive purposes.

The first of our examples of disambiguation is the infamous megaphone.  Traditionally used for bad news and to control medium sized crowds.  If anyone were to use one of these it is assumed that they would be speaking.  ( I have yet to see someone singing through one of these yet. )

The next example shows an excellent activity recommended to all.  Obviously the subject is reading, however the glasses possibly are a reference to some sort of style, and secondly sometimes the way this works is the learner crams in as much new material as is necessary to refresh the mind with new vocabulary and to get up to date.  In this way speaking is not taken for granted and the speaker (excuse the pun) would probably receive more kudos.

This last picture shows two normal elements of audio speakers.  Interestingly the staff background is implying the musical nature that is possible with these highly personalised items.  The speaker itself would normally come in a fashionable complementary speaker case.

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Just so you have everything you need, there is an online free download to help with all disambiguation.  If you can remember playing a card game which was known as the memory game, you can download this app and install it to your windows® machine

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