Although it is becoming common knowledge that in the English language there are, perhaps more negative or pessimistic adjectives and adverbs, it is comforting to note that there are provisions for different varieties and forms of language which relate to different classes and districts.  Even though there may sometimes be rules and modes for reasoning, increasingly today our use of logic often seeks to absorb these methods, and it has become clear that there really is no limit for the discrete A-I programmer or software engineer.

There are one or two modes of discourse which immediately come to mind when thinking about this word.  For example ; the Sunday meal, the business meeting, an assembly, a show, a film or movie, et cetera

What these settings demonstrate is that there is normally always a proper way and a proper place to raise any topic/suggestion or to share problems and generally discuss anything.  The conversation at meal times is particularly effective in reviewing and evaluating recent accomplishments and chatting about the week’s activity.  

Although timing and the nature of time is not covered in great detail among any of the great philosophers, the notion of place is consistent with some of Plato’s views which justify a large proportion of dialectics and dialectic activity.  While dialectics is peculiar to language, it is not transparent among other disciplines such as music and art.  With music come the constructs of phrases, chords, intervals, riffs, time signature and so on, and with visual art you have perspective, colour, pallet, and photo realism, however you should perhaps investigate whether dialectic reasoning benefits expressionism and if it helps you to become more expressive.  If this is the case you have learnt a new idiomatic phrase ; dialectic expressionism

So you might agree that dialectic expressionism is inherited as the idiom of choice over material dialectics which had its origin in Marxist philosophy.  Additionally dialectic expressionism promotes freedom of expression and does not imply divisions of the classes and evolution is not compromised by negative attitudes.

It was certainly tricky trying to decide on supporting imagery to illustrate these ideas, however these pictures which are more or less iconic, all explore active expressionism.  You may come to the conclusion that those with the most recognizable dialects are often taken for granted although they provide strong foundations throughout their region.

Egyptian or Ethnic lady, a strong woman providing for her familyAs the others, a cultural activity by someone recognizing good value

Language is the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way

Can be categorized into two main parts:spoken language and written language.

Languages of the same language family

Are often not mutually intelligible

Dialect is a particular form of language which is peculiar to a specific region or social group

Can be categorized into two main parts: standard dialectics and non-standard dialectics

Dialectics of the same language are often mutually intelligible




I recommend the resource below for further discussion about the various tools and charm of language and dialect.


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