To provide an authoritative universal definition of this word is beyond the scope of this document, however, in reference to a-i, the most interesting people are those who have an opinion, so I will try to state this without being a ‘culture vulture’ and without denying my own cultural identity. It is suggested that each and every one of us determines a cultural value that can be attributed to almost anything we care to think about including/but not limited to : music, religion, community, food and cooking, taste, fashion, humanity, reading material, films etc. Moreover we all tend to have different cultural identities which establish who we really are. In the same way that a pigeon is different to a swan, different cultures can be just as diverse, although there is a distinction to be made between the animal kingdom including birds, and humanity. Culture is most certainly a human phenomenon. It can be as far reaching as to include all of mankind and may be public in form. Alternatively it could also account for perhaps a family which inherits at least some culture from ancestors and predecessors.

Culture can be thought of as an aspect of breeding and is synonymous with charm, elegance and dignity. Culture, as such became prominent in the latter half of the eighteenth century and has since been popularised by Boy George (Culture Club) and the like. There is also another meaning for culture that is often overlooked. Perhaps you have heard of cultivated or cultured land. The meaning here covers a broad range of scenarios for example an experimental/improved crop and even the bacteria found in yogurt.

Other applications of the word culture include citizenry, society, species, or a type of civilization (e.g. The Bronze age). So to summarize, culture and religion can be thought of as a mutually inclusive set. It is difficult to tell whether it is culture which gives rise to religion, or whether it is religion that gives rise to culture. Most cultural identities overlap different attributes to make different sets, particularly those found above.

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