Nowadays it seems quite tricky to decide on suitable words for definition, however we remain as optimistic as ever. One of my favorite selections from time past is ‘buoyant’, nonetheless we will endeavor to express exactly what we mean by anticipation.  In some philosophies anticipation is regarded as a most fruitful state of mind and its meaning is perhaps related to forecasting the future or at least to be aware of different possible futures and outcomes. So, to be aware of a future event and take action such as exercising the imagination or body or to prepare in some way is to anticipate. Other appropriate phrases are ; to regard as possible, look forward to, or to act or happen before. Additionally to anticipate is to expect, predict, forecast, foresee, await, prepare for, look for, or look towards.

Here are a few good examples of when anticipation is a favorable state of mind.

Waiting in a queue for a       

: movie at the cinema

: roller-coaster ride

: concert

: flight

Experiencing Stage fright or ‘butterflies’ as a   

: musician

: actor/actress

: singer

: when trying to chat someone up

: Waiting for payday

Waiting for results in                   : Baking and cooking

: Exams

: brewing

One can even anticipate a bump in the road in order to deal with it appropriately.  The etymology for this word is made up of two Latin words and is associated with Middle English. Firstly ‘ante’ meaning before, and followed by capio, capere ; to take, catch, capture. Moreover the feminine Latin word ‘anticipatio, onis’ is the noun for foreknowledge.  Although this could be fertile ground for a cartoon or comic strip, check out these two photos which in my opinion demonstrate anticipation quite well.

Anticipate / Anticipation

As a sort of antithesis of the above word and definition comes the word ‘aspiration’ or to aspire, and as an antithesis of anticipation we have a new idea. Posing the questions of the dual prefix here, what happens / happened before before ? Would before before actually be considered as after ? I suggest that with the knowledge of both these words, any negative anticipation can be nullified or made benign. Perhaps we will look at a full definition of aspiration in the future.

meditating lady in anticipation female surfer in anticipation

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