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In its most basic element, the word ‘android’ means a robot with a human appearance. There are however several other factors which may be significant in today’s understanding. For example, if we take the second syllable alone, it would have two distinct meanings. As before a science fiction robot is implied, however a newer and second meaning has developed related to computing. So ‘droid’ is also a program that can automatically collect information from remote systems. The origin of the word ‘droid’, obviously a shortening of ‘android’, is from the 1970s.

If we consider what the possibilities are, given that an android can have human appearance, we could apply the appearance perspective to several other functions. For example a robot could still appear human, particularly if it has listening and speech capabilities, vision and recognition. Moreover any similarities with humans may or may not be a particularly positive attribute. According to some, a humanitarian is someone who denies Christ’s divinity. Additionally a human error or ‘human error’ is assumed to show the better qualities of human kind such as sensitivity, however because it is associated so closely with error and malfunction, we can not really determine whether an android could really make that much difference.

In most cases ‘android’ does imply artificial intelligence and in this field determining the sex of the robot is beyond the scope of its creator, however because the creator is not limited to either the male or female form, they generally aim to use the best attributes of both, or offer the user a simple choice which normally only affects a fraction of the processing power of the said ‘android’. Because of these factors it is not surprising that most androids fit the description of androgynous.

As for etymology, the word android is fairly close to the Latin words ‘androgynus’ and ‘androgyne’ which respectively stand for hermaphrodite masculine and feminine. If we trace this word further still, the meaning for hermaphrodite is essentially related to sexual characteristics, such as having both male and female sexual organs or other sexual characteristics.

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